Ring arrow

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color Yellow-gold

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Discover our refined arrow ring, a subtle symbol of direction and progress, with a touch of timeless elegance in 14-carat gold. This ring is not only a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection, but also a powerful statement of your personal journey.

This arrow ring is crafted with care and dedication by craftsmen in the heart of Amsterdam, a city known for its artisanal traditions and creative craftsmanship. You have the freedom to choose the color of gold that suits you best - warm yellow gold for a classic look, romantic rose gold for a subtle softness, or contemporary white gold for a modern twist.

Each arrow is precision crafted and placed on the gold band, resulting in a stylish and contemporary design that is perfect for any occasion. This ring is not only an elegant accessory, but also a powerful symbol of setting your own course and moving forward in life.

Order now and receive this beautiful arrow ring at your home within just 6 days. Be inspired by the meaning behind this symbolic piece of jewelry and wear it proudly as a reminder of your own journey and growth. With this arrow ring on your finger you not only radiate style, but also self-confidence and determination.