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As a child, I looked into the jewelry kitchen of my parents, who founded Atelier SADDAL in 1994. There, the love for the goldsmith's profession was almost literally instilled in me at an early age. Even then, I found it fascinating to see how they, both goldsmiths, managed to create a sparkling piece of jewelry from almost nothing. I therefore decided early on to follow the goldsmith training at the vocational school in Schoonhoven.

The love for the profession only became stronger. From that moment on I knew for sure: I also wanted to make jewelry later. During my training I did various internships, after which I worked at leading jewelers. But the thought of doing it myself started to tickle. It was time to create jewelry in my own jewelry kitchen. That is why I have made the decision to give a new boost to the jewelry brand ODILE Jewels that my mother founded. With the craftsmanship of my parents, but in my own way



From an early age I have always been busy making jewelry. First with beads and buttons that I found in my grandmother's attic. That later gave me the inspiration to join the Goldsmiths Vocational School. I have been designing and making jewelry for almost 30 years now and I can no longer imagine a life without jewelry. It is my passion and it is a big part of my life.

It is wonderful to incorporate the love for jewelry into your designs. That is why I founded Yves and Odile Jewels in 2012. Odile has the meaning 'rich'. I wanted to achieve exactly that feeling with the jewelry from Yves and Odile Jewels. Feel rich! Jewelry that stands for craftsmanship, passion and love. I passed on these aspects to my son Yves, who took over Yves and Odile Jewels and breathed new life into them. He is a talented jewelry maker, headstrong and ambitious. I am convinced that he puts the same love into the designs of his jewelry that he received from his father Arnold and me. With his passion, energy and craftsmanship, he will also ensure that every piece of jewelry from Yves and Odile Jewels meets the high standards and requirements we set before it leaves our studio.


Atelier Saddal has developed a unique computer design system with which we can show you as a customer the models on the screen in a 3D dimension. After approval of the model, the 3D wax printer then prints a wax model to the correct proportions. If the wax model is suitable, it should be cast in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Because the model is still in a rough form, it will be transformed into a sparkling piece of jewelry in the studio with dedication and precision. The diamonds and/or gemstones are then set and prepared for final inspection. All designs are handmade and therefore a pleasure for life. Your life.

In recent decades, humans have caused more and more activities that seriously threaten the earth. For example, exploitation of natural resources and ecosystems often leads to major problems that will persist for generations before they are resolved. When creating jewelry, Yves and Odile Jewels therefore consciously work exclusively with 100% recycled gold and diamonds from a fully traceable process, without the human or environmental problems sometimes associated with mining.

The jewelry from Yves and Odile Jewels is made with a lot of care and love. It is therefore advisable to have your jewelry cleaned and the setting checked at least once a year. Yves and Odile Jewels does this completely free of charge for the first year after purchase. The jewelry may have become dirty and/or greasy. Then you make a small bath with warm water, some washing-up liquid and a small dash of ammonia. Place the jewelry in the bath and brush it clean with a soft brush. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. You will see that the diamonds will sparkle again and the gold will shine again!